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I was on Youtube the other day and I came across an extreme kayaking video.  It showed people kayaking down huge waterfalls, it was extremely random (as is this post),  and lead me to other videos about kayak diving.   In the video a guy is in a kayak on a diving board and tries to land in the water….  Yeah, it didn’t work out for him and I thought it was kinda funny.  Then, I saw other similar videos.  However, the people in the other videos actually made it.  In fact, they appeared to be competing.  That’s when I realized that kayak diving is actually a real sport.  I realized that there are lots of people out there who kayak dive all the time and I had no idea.  There are so many talents and hobbies out there that I would never know existed.  Anyway, here are some of the videos.


Here Comes the Sun!

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In many places, it seems like summer is finally rolling around.  It’s warm outside, the sun is shining.  Maybe you’ve even gone to the lake.  Here are some things to do during summer.

#1.  Go to the lake.  If you or a friend have a boat, take it to the lake.  There is always a lot to do going to the lake is a great family activity.  You can go swimming, wakeboarding, tubing, fishing, on a jet ski, have a picnic, or even parasailing.  If you don’t have a boat near you, get a group to go with you and have a picnic or barbeque.  You can still go swimming or rent a boat and go fishing.

#2.  Have a party.  There are lots of outdoor parties you can host during the summer.  Have a barbeque or a water party if you have kids.  These activities can be made lots of fun.  The kids can swim, while everyone else chats in the shade.  Serve snowcones, sodas, ice cream, etc.  There are many possibilities.

#3.  Stay at home.  There is lots of fun to be found even at home.  Buy water balloons.  You can have water balloon fights, or launch and try to catch them.  Set up a sprinkler.  Shoot hoops.   Swim.  Get a snowcone maker.  Be creative.


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Ken Nagayama Martial Arts is a karate school in Burbank and Granada Hills in southern California.  I had the pleasure if attending this school for a year or so when I was around eleven years old.  It was amazing!  Unfortunetly, I had to move before I could get very far in the program.  However, I was still able to get in great shape.  I became flexible, strong, and agile quickly.  Ken Nagayama’s style of mixed martial arts was unique and effective.  I haven’t seen anything else like it.

One thing I remember is attending the “Kick Together, Stick Together” charity tournament hosted by KNMA.  It had different competitions for different levels and ages.  There was also a demonstration given at the end.  I recently found a video from a more recent demonstration (the link is below.)  If you watch the video, make sure you at least watch until the green and red belts come on.  They are much more advanced than the kids at the beggining.  Let me know what you think of it.  If you happen to live near KNMA, I highly recomend it.  It is a great experience for all ages.  You can contact Master Nagayama through the website:

The Danger of Internet

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How many websites have you visited today?  What if you knew that the creator of each website knew where you lived and could see your house?   Well, in some cases they do.  Some websites have widgets that allow you to google the location of visitors.  I was very disturbed  when I heard this.  Then I saw it for myself when my friend Max showed me his blog the other day.  He was able to zoom in on the location of each of his daily visitors.  However, that’s not all.  Max could also see how his visitors found his site, what type of internet browser they had, what time they visited, how long the visit was, etc.

In today’s world, you need to be careful with the internet.  I am sure you have probably heard about internet safety thousands of times, but few people are aware of the potential threat of the internet.  Often times, people aren’t careful about what they say.  After all, you’re just writing things on a screen.  However, real people can see whatever you post on the internet.  You need to be careful what you say, and aware of how it might affect you.


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    Peace is something we all long for, even if we don’t know it.  One easy way to find peace in your life is to stay open minded and calm during conflicts.  Also try to take a few minutes of the day to pull yourself away into a quiet room or something.   Take a few deep breathes and reflcet upon the good things in your life.  Remeber to stay calm and open-minded, peace should follow.

Tornado in Mississippi

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There has been yet another natural disaster.  Tornado’s struck in Mississippi with winds of 160 miles per hour.  These winds ripped roofs off of houses, threw cars, and uprooted trees.

However, there is still hope and happiness here.  I was watching the news and heard several stories of surviors.  There has been much rejoicing amoung these survivors.   People were gathering and singing songs of praise and thankfulness.  The disasters also brought communities together.  I find it so wonderful to see love in even the darkest of places.

Les Miserables

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Les Miserables is an amazing book about a former criminal (Jean Valjean) who changes his ways and struggles to remain good. It was originaly written in France by Victor Hugo and published in 1862. The original version is over 1,000 pages long. However, it has been translated cut down into shorter vesions. I have enjoyed reading the abriged version and look forward to reading the full version one day.

Although this book was written so long ago, it still applies to our world today and addresses many major problems. One of the reasons I enjoyed this book was because of it’s depth. Everything that happends in this book has a meaning behind it. If you are to fully appreciate a book such as this, you must read with care.   As I said, there is a lot of meaning in this book.  Let me know what you think of it.