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Here Comes the Sun!

Posted in What's Going On? by livelife7 on May 16, 2010
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In many places, it seems like summer is finally rolling around.  It’s warm outside, the sun is shining.  Maybe you’ve even gone to the lake.  Here are some things to do during summer.

#1.  Go to the lake.  If you or a friend have a boat, take it to the lake.  There is always a lot to do going to the lake is a great family activity.  You can go swimming, wakeboarding, tubing, fishing, on a jet ski, have a picnic, or even parasailing.  If you don’t have a boat near you, get a group to go with you and have a picnic or barbeque.  You can still go swimming or rent a boat and go fishing.

#2.  Have a party.  There are lots of outdoor parties you can host during the summer.  Have a barbeque or a water party if you have kids.  These activities can be made lots of fun.  The kids can swim, while everyone else chats in the shade.  Serve snowcones, sodas, ice cream, etc.  There are many possibilities.

#3.  Stay at home.  There is lots of fun to be found even at home.  Buy water balloons.  You can have water balloon fights, or launch and try to catch them.  Set up a sprinkler.  Shoot hoops.   Swim.  Get a snowcone maker.  Be creative.